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This is my personal blog and gallery , where I share about my interests, the people I meet, my experiences and my learnings. I hope that you’ll enjoy it – Dan Oiknine.

Following a Bachelor’s degree in Economics at Paris Sorbonne University and a Master’s Degree in Science and Techniques at Paris Dauphine, Dan started his professional life as a Sales Manager in the Luxury Goods Industry developing brands such as Cartier, Dior, Celine and Lagerfeld on the American continent during 4 years. Hunted by US and European leaders in the High-tech Industry, he held several managing positions at Netapp and Enition for 5 years.

Grounded with the strength of his business development skills, he decided to give new impetus to his career with entrepreneurship. Since then, he successfully set up different businesses, first in the Internet Industry for 6 years, then in the trading of commodities for 12 years with the development of an innovative service platform between South-East Asia (including the Indian subcontinent), Europe, and Africa. Based on India’s significant import requirements for hydrocarbons and metals, this platform offered an integrated value chain service from sourcing & procurement to sales including restructuring and project financing activities. The ability to build sustainable and profitable networks has led French and Indian decision-makers to appoint him as Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry France – India .


With his experience and its network both in India, Europe and Africa, he co-founded along with the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the India Invest Forum (IIF) was appointed as coChair of the India Francophone Africa Committee at the CII. Since 2010, he managed these probono assignments in parallel of his entrepreneurial activities. By the end of 2017, he had the opporunity to develop high secure storage and logitics project in the aviation district in Dubai. Remembering the importance of fine arts storage for HNWI during his luxury experience, and the data & precious metals storage during his commodities experience, he decided to participate to the selection process. After a study of the targeted market, he came out with innovative platform combining valuables and data storage that allowed him to start the development of secure storage and logistics project in DWC airport. Following the recruitment of his team and 24 months of intensive project management, the fundraising was launched in June 2020, and the pre-commercialization started in June 2021. Gallery.

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