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Dubai DWC Airport: the airport of the future

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Dubai DWC Airport: the airport of the future

Built south of the city, close to the fast growing areas of “new Dubai”, DWC lies at the heart of an entire airport city. It is the main part of Dubai South.

The airport opened on June 27, 2010 for cargo operations followed by passenger flights in October 2013.

The airport will be the largest component of Dubai World Central, with a surface area of more than 280 square kilometres (110 sq mi). If completed as planned, the airport will have an annual cargo capacity of 12 million tonnes (12,000,000 long tons; 13,000,000 short tons), and a passenger capacity of 160 to 260 million people per year. In the future it will handle around 700 million passengers[dubious – discuss] This would make it the largest airport in the world in both physical size and passenger volume.

Al Maktoum International Airport intends to handle all types of aircraft.

Up to four aircraft will be able to land simultaneously.

The airport will include:

Three passenger terminals, including two luxury facilities; one dedicated to Emirates, the second to other carriers, and the third dedicated to low-cost carriers

Multiple concourses

Executive and royal jet centres

Hotels and shopping malls

Support and maintenance facilities: the region’s only hub for A-, B-, and C-checks on all aircraft up to A380 specifications

Source & Insights supported by Dubai Airports, Wikipedia and Dubai South.

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