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Dan Oiknine describes the job of sales manager

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Dan Oiknine

Dan Oiknine describes the job of sales manager

At the beginning I will define who is the sales manager, he is the person responsible for following up and evaluating sales, as well as supervising the sales representatives in the company and directing them to carry out their tasks and providing deductions and responses to them to reach success for the values of sales management.

Sales as seen by Dan oiknine are the transfer of ownership of something from the first owner to the second owner by relying on the existence of an agreement between them, and includes providing a financial value in exchange for completing the sale. Sales are also known as goods or services that are exchanged in exchange for money immediately, or through a financial bond. Other definitions of sales are things that can be moved and moved from the seller to the buyer, either during the sale process, or after a period of time to be agreed upon between the two parties.

Sales management always as seen :

Sales management The sales department is a division of management in commercial and service companies, which seeks to formulate a set of strategies that help develop special activities in sales. Sales management is also known as the implementation of a deliberate plan in order to support the sales force in the company, and help it achieve profits within its field of work. Another definition of sales management is to control the nature and quality of sales by evaluating their own performance, based on imposing control over the methods used in marketing, which contributes to making appropriate decisions that help achieve financial profits related to the field of sales. Sales management is one of the most important jobs in companies and institutions that provide various services in exchange for sums of money incurred by customers, or through the sale of products to customers. Therefore, sales management has become a specialized science of economic and financial sciences, and sales methods, which are related to the application of all that is related to it. leads to sales being given special importance in the business sector; Because it determines the amount of profits made, the more sales, the higher the profits, and vice versa.

Sales Manager which is the work of Dan oiknine

Sales manager The sales manager is the person responsible for following up on sales in the organization who works in the sales management department, and is keen to continuously evaluate all special processes in sales. The sales manager is also known as the individual who is concerned with supervising the employees in the sales department in the company, and helping them to to their tasks by directing them, and providing them with advice that contribute to ensuring the success of sales, and is directly related to increasing the percentage of obtaining profits.


Another definition of a sales manager is the administrative employee who monitors the sales management process in the organization, as one of his duties is in planning sales; By developing strategies related to the organization of the private sale of the company’s products, so that he can manage the sales department, and organize the special operations in it well

Sales manager duties

Here Dan oiknine explains to us the tasks he was doing :

Tasks of the sales manager The work of the sales manager depends on carrying out a set of main tasks of his own, namely: designing special annual plans in the sales department by relying on the study of market requirements, and following up on customer requests in order to work on providing them. Here, dan oiknine believes that defining strategic sales goals by setting a set of expectations about the volume of sales that will be achieved, compared to the amount of profits that include the revenues that have been collected, and also depends on the study and analysis of previous sales of the company. Contribute to maintaining the selling price based on ensuring a permanent balance between supply and demand; The higher the demand for sales, the higher the company’s offers.


Determining and controlling sales prices, by following up on competition with other companies that offer similar types of sales offered by the company in the commercial market. Follow up the work of the sales department employees, and ensure that they do it according to their plans and tasks, and this ensures continuity in achieving success for the work. Providing tips and advice to employees, merchants, and customers who deal with the company, either directly or if they request any advice related to sales, such as clarifying the nature of a new product that will be announced soon. Maintaining the promotion of team effort in the sales department by supporting the role of cooperation among all employees in order to achieve special goals in the work. Holding courses and training workshops for sales department employees, especially new ones; So that they can understand the nature of the special work in the department, and this helps them to develop their skills and experience in the sales business.

Sales manager characteristics :

• Treat everyone with respect:

It is one of the most important characteristics of the sales manager. One of his main duties is to ensure respect for everyone, whether they are his co-workers, or customers who deal with the company; Because respectful dealings between him and others enhances their appreciation for him, which contributes to increasing their appreciation for work.

• Initiative to propose innovative ideas:

It is one of the important functions of the sales manager; He should be interested in proposing innovative ideas that contribute to the development of sales and increase the attraction of customers to deal with the company, as well as following up on the ideas proposed by the employees in the sales department, and this helps in the continued growth of profits.

• Good listening to others:

One of the most important characteristics that a sales manager should always have, when he is keen to constantly listen to other employees, customers, and customers, contributes to conveying a positive image of him and the sales department to the company’s management.

• Positivity in the application of work:

It is one of the important characteristics that the sales manager must maintain; When he implements his job in a positive way, then he can pass it on to all the employees; Therefore, it is important to enhance flexibility and objectivity during work, which leads to an increase in the efficiency of own sales in the company.

This is my introduction to the sales manager .. and what he should have in order to gain the necessary experience, especially in dealing with others, and in the end, my greetings to dan oiknine to everyone who visited my own site in which I put it. All my experiences before you

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