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The UAE keeps its status as a smart & global business hub

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The UAE keeps its status as a smart & global business hub

« 2020 has been quite a year for the United Arab Emirates – the small super-rich and mega-ambitious Gulf nation ».

I read an interesting article on BBC NEWS that was issued 2 days ago by Frank Gardner. An overview of what the region has been building, for nearly, 50 years.

You tend to think that a young nation seated in a small part of the Middle East would have a certain limit when it comes to achievements. But this regional powerhouse never ceases to bounce back on solid grounds by nurturing policy initiatives, sustainability projects, new industries, and finally, facilitating business processes with reforms to support smart investments.

Despite the Gulf tensions and the Coronavirus, « It has sent a mission to Mars; struck a historic peace deal with Israel; and managed to get sufficiently ahead of the curve on Covid-19 that the former British protectorate has retooled factories and sent Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the UK by the planeload ».

You might think, the UAE never fails to take the chance to impress. But is it really to impress, or is it to create a movement?

The UAE has maintained its position as the region’s most business-friendly country for 2020, and was ranked 16th globally out of 190 nations in the the World Bank’s latest Doing Business Survey.

The Coronavirus has been an eye-opening chapter for every big player on the map. For the UAE, it was an opportunity to never fail its citizens by proving honorable and substantial health and security measures during the crisis. This is why we were all able to pursue a healthy business dynamic and were able to build movements of various kind in the city, with the younger generation but also notable leaders of the region.

There was the will to develop something more sustainable for the nation, for the business, and for its residents.

Yes, the businesses are affected, actually, which business isn’t?

The whole world is constrained by reinventing business models while revisiting their B2B2C approaches.

This health crisis is highlighting a long-overdue catch up with how reality and business should be apprehended. With the golden era of digital that’s been great but also neglecting our real input on things, we are back at square one with having to rethink our position and dialogue.

That’s something that i find truly inspiring at a moment of my life where i am able to truly appreciate a city where i’m able to explore the next chapter of my life.

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